From the 31th may - 1st june 2019 it happened, the grand season final of the German competition was held in Sankt Peter - Ording. Before the last races of the season I was in 2nd place of the Open Class ranking with 4 points behind the leader. So everything was possible for me and I had nothing to lose. On the first Raceday this weekend, on Friday, the conditions could not be better! Sunny and dry weather with perfect wind conditions between 3 and 4 Bft. Also the course, which the racemasters made, was very nice and much fun. First of all the Master Class started two following races. After this, also me and the Open Class finished two races. For these two races I took my 12 m AeroV2 on 15 m lines. As a copy of the rest of the whole season, I made a very good start and were in front of the drivers field. But it wasn’t easy to defend the leading position, because Alex (my great competitor, who was on P1 of the season ranking) made one attack after another. However the AeroV2 is the best kite I know on the course against the wind, which is why I was able to distance myself more and more from Alex there. That’s why I was save on P1 one lap to go in the race and also finished on this place.


So after the first race it only was one point remaining between me and Alex, because Alex finished on P2 and got one penalty. Now it was a balanced exchange of blows. In the second race of the day my start was not perfect and Alex could take the lead. In the first 3 laps I could not reach him for the first moment. The whole race, there were around 50m between us and I couldn’t really attack him. But in the last round of the race, Alex made a little mistake and I was able to catch him up a little. Only 50m before the checkered flag, I saw my chance to overtake him and also did this in the last turning point of the race. In the end I only was one wheel in front of Alex and finished this race on P1 as well.

Match 3

After a 30 minute-break, the racemasters announced that both classes will drive one more race on this day. For this race I took the 15m AeroV2 on 15m lines. This race should be the toughest of all races, because an old acquaintance of kitebuggy sports, Michi Nast (1x European Champion, 1x German Master Class Champion, 1x Eurocup Serie Winner), returned to ancient strength. From the start, he led the race in front of me and Alex. After his brilliant start he was nearly 100 m in front of me and I could not catch him up for the first moment. But on the other hand, I was able to distance myself a bit from Alex. In the following laps I tried everything to attack Michi wherever I can, but it wasn’t easy to overtake him. In the 4th round of the race I was able to overtake him at a close turning point, were he said to me: „That’s nice racing boy!“ . In the next round he unfortunately overtook me again. But I won’t give up and wanted to overtake him in the last turning point, as I did in the race before with Alex. And this also nearly worked, but out of nowhere there was Alex in front of me after the turning point and nearly also catch up Michi 10 m before the finish line. So finally it was a photo-finish between Michi and Alex, and I finished on P3. This was the end of the first raceday


On Saturday there was much more wind than Friday, with 5 - 6 Bft. That’s why I took my 8m AeroV2 on 15 m lines for the last two races of the season. In the 4th race of the weekend I was on P3 after the start, behind Michi and Alex. But unfortunately after the second turning point, the kites of the both drivers crashed and they were behind the whole drivers field. So after this crash, I just have to bring my lead to the finish, which I did easily. Before the last race, I was the German Champion 2019. Now I only must finish the race in front of Alex. Another time I got a good start and was on P2, behind Michi, for the first moment. Already in the first lap I could overtake him and lead the following rounds. Now I was around 50 m in front of the other drivers and I could drive towards the German championship title. Finally I saw the checkered flag for the last time this season and finished on P1. So now I’m the new German Open Class Champion 2018/19!!! A big thanks to the whole Peter Lynn - Team for the great support! Now I’m looking forward to the 8h race in Les Hemmes, were I take part in for the first time.

Best regards,