The Nova is our new, unique depower foil kite. This one of a kind foil was designed to unite all the benefits of LEIs, like accessibility, ease of use and stability, with all the advantages of foils: better upwind, downwind, low wind performance and float.

We think Hydrofoiling is the next big thing as it's becoming more and more popular. We’ve seen a big increase in this sport recently and since most of us do not practice it but really wanted to try it out, we decided to make a product just for people like us, hydrofoiling beginners. We already have the Aero V2 which is used in hydrofoiling, especially in races and for lots of speed, but it’s not an easy foil to use as a beginner. This is why we’ve designed the Nova as the perfect introductory hydrofoiling kite.

When designing the Nova we had one goal in mind, to build a foil dedicated to speed up the learning curve of hydro foiling and that provides the best freeride feeling a foil can offer. It offers a stable and reliable riding experience in which you can focus on your board technique rather than on controlling your kite. The Nova acts like a tube kite, it’s extremely stable with little to no side-ways pull, making it so easy to direct and place it where needed. So that the rider can focus on the hydrofoil board without worrying about the foil falling or deforming. It is similar to other closed cell foil kites on the market, but further developed to really suit anyone trying hydrofoiling for the first time. It is a kite that floats and restarts with only a little breeze and has the handling of a regular tube kite. With 2 design teams in the company, lots of development has produced incredible results.

If you want to spend more time above water but fear the foil, the Nova is the perfect kite for you.