5 Reasons to try a NOVA

LEI kite or Foil kite? With a huge wind range, insane hangtime, better (low wind) stability and super easy riding, foil kites have a lot of benefits. But why is the NOVA the best? Here are the 5 most important reasons:

Reason 1 - The NOVA is 25% cheaper
Reason 2 - Super easy relaunch
Reason 3 - No maintenance needed
Reason 4 - No scary bridles
Reason 5 - Low wind performance

Reason 1

The Nova starts at €999, Cheaper than a LEI

Overall, a foil kite is 25% more expensive due to more and expensive fabrics, foil kites are more difficult to produce and more advanced techniques are used in foil kites. Even though the NOVA is a very advanced Foil with the latest technology, by starting from €999, the price of the NOVA is about the same as an average tube kite. WHY? We did not compromise on materials or techniques but on margin to get the most people on the NOVA as possible. We want to offer an accessible foil to the market to get more people on the foil.

Reason 2

The Nova has a super easy relaunch, even in low wind

With a one-way inflate, the air gets trapped and the foil kite float above the water easily. With low wind, it is very easy to relaunch a foil kite and guaranteed easier than a LEI kite. The NOVA has a one-line relaunch possibilities so it only takes one line to relaunch.

Reason 3

The Nova needs minimal maintenance

The bridles of the NOVA are made of Edelrid and Liros lines and require none to minimal maintenance. Not many people know, but tube kites also need regular checks of the bridle system. So, you would say more bridles means more maintenance. However, because of the high-end lines used maintenance is kept to a minimum and should normally not be necessary within the first year.

Reason 4

The Nova has an easy bridle system

You will be very surprised by how easy the bridles of the NOVA are and how little they get tangled. A bridle of an LEI kite is easier to set-up but once you get a little bit more experienced with foil kites and the extreme benefits they have in low wind performance and relaunch, you will be choosing the Nova over an LEI anytime. The goal of the NOVA was to make a foil that feels as solid as an LEI for maximum stability and ease.

Reason 5

The Nova: even with a Twintip the best you can get in low wind conditions

The NOVA is a perfect example of a do-it-all foil. The advantages of low wind conditions are proven and the low wind performance is perfect for low wind Twintip riding. The effective area is much bigger than with a tube, creating more pull to get you up on the board at an early stage. The NOVA is made with medium grunt, meaning that it doesn’t pull you off your hydrofoil board but goes to the edge of the wind window for an easy cruise. However, it has enough constant power to get you also going on a twin tip easily.

The NOVA can also be used in strong winds. A foil kite, with its many bridles, has a perfect support of the entire wing creating a lot of lift and perfect depower possibilities. Bridles are made of Edelrid and Lyros lines and with the reinforced bridle points and the Ronstan pulleys the NOVA is super durable.