Skim TR

To make your first steps into kitesurfing fun, easy and challenging PLKB built the Skim. The Skim is a Closed Cell 3-line trainer kite that can always be relaunched super easily, even from the water, making it perfectly suitable for those body-dragging sessions to get used to controlling a kite while in the water. The Skim offers an easy yet challenging learning curve perfect for those important first steps into this exhilarating world. Its superb flight characteristics, 3rd line safety and excellent stability in difficult conditions make the Skim perfect to learn the basics in full control and confidence.
Product Wingspan M Surface M2 Colour Cells Control type Wind Range (Knots)
PLKB Skim TR 2.8 complete 2.8 2.2 White 18 Bar 8 - 28
PLKB Skim TR 3.4 complete 3.4 3.2 Grey 18 Bar 7 - 25
PLKB Skim TR 4.0 complete 4 4.4 Black 18 Bar 6 - 22